"23 Year Old Ex-Security Guard" Reveals How To Succeed with Motor Club of America Following 3 SIMPLE STEPS...

1. Become an Associate.         2. Tell Others.          3. Get Paid!

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FAQs About Motor Club of America and the Compensation Plan Explained!

When Was Motor Club of America Founded?

MCA was founded in 1926 and recently launched their affiliate branch, called TVC Matrix, so that associates of the company can make money online offering the benefits/services to others.

How Do I Know MCA is a Legitimate Business?

Associates are still getting paid every Friday. MCA is still providing the promised benefits/services to all its associates around the United States & Canada.

Watch the testimonial video below to hear the success stories of MCA associates all across the nation!

Once I Become an Associate, How Does MCA Know to Pay Me When I Make Sales?

All associates of MCA receive a specific referral link after joining. This referral link is used to track your sales when you refer a new associate to the business. That way MCA knows if the sale was made by you and you only. No two people have the same referral link. 

How Do I Get Paid as an MCA Associate?

All associates are required to set up Direct Deposit once they login to their TVC Matrix website account. Once your bank is linked to your account, you can start earning commissions to your bank account. Commissions are paid out every Friday.

What are MCA Associates Selling to Make Money Online?

MCA runs by a direct selling business model. Not only do our associates receive the benefits/services that we offer, but associates also make money offering our benefits/services to individuals in the United States or Canada. 

How Much Money Can I Make Once I Become an Associate?

There is no limit to your income potential once you become an associate. Your income will be totally up to you and your work ethic from home. We have associates earning as much as $50,000+ per month and associates earning as little as just a few hundred dollars per month.

FAQs Continued...

Once I Become an Associate, How Much Money Do I Make For Each Sale?

You earn anywhere from $80-$90 per sale you make as an MCA Associate. If you make 1 sale per day, you will earn $560 per week, which is $2,240 per month. If you make 2 sales per day, you will earn  $1,120 per week, which is $4,480 per month. If you make 5 sales per day, you will earn $2,800 per week, which is $11,200 per month. And so on and so forth.

What is the Age Requirement to Become an Associate?

All associates must be at least 17 years of age.

What Do I Need to Succeed as an MCA Associate?

Associates who have the most success have a computer, internet access, and a driven mentality to live the entrepreneur lifestyle. Once you become an associate, your "Associate Trainer" will give you online training products teaching you how to tell others and get paid online. 

Can I Stop Doing This At Any Point if I Decide This Isn't For Me?

Yes. All associates have the option to cancel their membership at any given point. You can cancel your membership by either logging into your TVC Matrix account and going to "cancel membership", or you can call the MCA Customer Support number so the staff can cancel for you.


Can I Earn Residual Income as an Associate? Yes. All associates earn a percentage of the commissions that the other associates on their team earn. So you will earn a percentage of each $80-$90 commission that the associates on your team earn.

How Do I Know if Becoming an Associate is For Me? This opportunity is for individuals who are tired of working a 9-5 job or for people who want to add an extra income onto what they are already making. This opportunity is also for people who want to make at least $5,000 per month or more online by helping others receive benefits they can use in their everyday life. Associates already involved enjoy the flexibility of choosing their own work hours and working from home or while on the beach. This opportunity is NOT for individuals who aren't ambitious or driven to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Can I Sign Up with a Prepaid Card?

No prepaid cards allowed. Signing up with a prepaid card will only allow you to earn $9 commissions instead of your full $80-$90 commission when you make sales. ONLY Official Debit or Credit cards can be used to become an associate.

How Do I Become an Associate Right Now?

1. Click one of the buttons on this page below. That button will take you to the TVC Matrix website.

2. Once on the site, click on the membership that says "MCA TOTAL SECURITY", Then click on "Add to Cart" to start your signing up process!

Motor Club of America Benefits Below:

Watch VIDEO Below to See How You Can Be NEXT To Earn $1,480+ NEXT Month!

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Reach Your Dreams with Motor Club of America TODAY! 

It wasn't too long ago I was struggling to make ends meet working for only $8 and 50 cents per hour at my security job...

I felt worthless checking my bank balance every 3 days after getting my check, only to see my account depleted or even in the RED with a negative balance after paying bills.

I was stressed out...

I was broke...

I knew something had to change...

...It wasn't easy saying "No" to my girlfriend some nights when she really wanted to go out to dinner. But I just couldn't afford it.

Even worse, watching my mother struggle to keep up with the bills although she was hard-working as well, only made me push harder and gave me the courage to do my best to help her out.

....and like most people...

I always wanted nice things. I always wanted to feel what it was like to travel to different parts of the world, without a worry of finances or "how is this bill going to get paid?", being on my mind.

I always wanted to be FREE...

Deep inside I knew pushing a clock for the next 30-40 years was NOT going to cut it for me.

I needed to do something fulfilling...

...Something where I could make a living independent of time and help others do the same as well...

So that I could have MORE time and MORE money...

...Something where I could make MY mark  without having to wait for a "JOB" or a "BOSS" to give me some hours before I could make a dollar...

So... what was it that I had to lose? 

Nothing really... it was just up to me to take advantage of an Opportunity that was put before me for a reason.

It was up to me to make a change for myself and for my family.

...All I knew was my past was dead and gone. I had put in SO MANY HOURS at that security job, only to still have NOTHING to show for it.


Then I Discovered MCA...

Since getting started with MCA, I have gained several benefits including health benefits, travel discounts, emergency road side assistance (which came in handy the most so far), and many other benefits.

...I no longer have to pay the full $100 fee when I go to take my vision test before purchasing my new contacts...

And aside from that, there has been quite a few times when my tire went flat or my car battery died and instead of paying $200+ for a tow, it was FREE OF CHARGE because MCA covered it!!!

...Don't want to toot my own horn but I've since been able to quit my job also. It's been 3 years now since I've set foot in that depressing setting of my security job...

I NOW get to wake up every morning, set aside 2-5 hours in my day to post ads and promote my MCA benefits online, and continuously get paid over and over again. 

Not to mention I was working 8-12 hours per DAY for $8.50/hour, and NOW I get to make 3X that amount for a FRACTION of the time put in working..

...I honestly didn't think making money online was possible before discovering Motor Club of America...

It always seemed like the opportunities I came across were either too difficult to explain to others, or it was just way too much money to get started...

But this was so simple, I felt I'd be CRAZY to pass it up.

Especially since I already told myself what I wanted out of life...

...and it did NOT involve continuously working for someone else for the rest of my life...

All I had to do was make it simple for myself and Follow 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

1. Become an Associate

2. Tell Others

3. Get Paid!

...I am now in a great place in my life and so glad I made the decision when I did...

Freedom is priceless!

Working for myself has been the most fulfilling thing ever!

...And what I've learned so far on this "Entrepreneur Journey" of mine can never be taken away from me. I've got the skillsets, experience, and knowledge under my belt forever!

Now it's time for me to GIVE BACK and show others how to live the Freedom Lifestyle and make at least $5,000/month from home.

My vision is to have at least 100 $5,000 per MONTH earners on my team BEFORE 2015 is up...

Do you think WE can do it?

I think we can...

...and we are WELL on our way...